Energy saving coatings Climate-Shield®

Ecological and healthy solution for your home

Coatings Climate-Shield® offer quick, ecological and energy-saving solutions for various types of surfaces – from facades and interiors to treatments for metal or wood.

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Climate-Shield® Exterior

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Why Climate-Shield®

We are no amateurs, we have experience:


Applications since 1984

Climate-Shield® is a high-quality energy-saving coating from the USA with more than 30 years of tradition and applications since 1984.

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Quality guarantee

98% of customers are satisfied with our materials and services, and 100% of them would recommend Climate-Shield® coatings to their family and friends.

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Used in more than 30 countries around the world

Climate-Shield® paints are now successfully used in more than 30 countries around the world.

Customer service and discounts

Customer service and discounts

We offer customer support to all our partners and our long-term partners receive special discounts on our Climate-Shield® coatings.

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Testimonials from our clients

I really like how clean my apartment is now and the air has changed a lot. I have three cats and I used to have a problem with mildew in the living room, and my cats also scratched the wall behind the sofa. Thanks to Climate-Shield, the walls are durable and i tis really easy to keep them clean. In addition, I now have walls of various colours at home in shades that I have always wanted.

Beáta H.

Prague 3

It took me a while to believe that Climate-Shield really worked the way they say it does. I've seen a lot of "smart" colours, but none of them ever worked. That's why I wanted to try the coating on something smaller at first, so I painted a hot water boiler in the autumn. I was quite surprised by how much the heat loss has decreased (my boiler is in the attic, where it freezes in winter). In the spring I was already convinced, so we decided to reconstruct our whole cottage with Climate-Shield coatings.

Petr Č.


My wife and I chose the ideal facade paint for our low-energy house. We like the Climate-Shield coating‘s philosophy and the fact that they are environmentally friendly and easy to maintain. We are satisfied with the facade.

Jan M.


I have only the best experience with Climate-Shield coatings. Three years ago, we reconstructed a villa from the 1920s and we wanted to choose gentle, yet durable and reliable building materials. At first, I didn't believe that "only" a coating could help reduce room temperature differences and actually insulate the building's construction. However, Mr Poláček explained everything to us and helped us find the best solution for the reconstruction of our facade. After a year, we were convinced that Climate-Shield really works as it should and we decided to use the paint in interiors. It's unbelievable how much money you can save on heating the whole house thanks to this paint. Thank you!

Ladislava K.


Climate-Shield solved our problem with our mouldy facade and insulation of our apartment building. We are an association of co-owners of building and also our building is listed as protected, so deciding on the reconstruction of the facade was quite difficult. We are really satisfied with the result. For a few years now, someone always asks me whether we did the reconstruction this year. I always laugh because no one wants to believe me that the facade is already five years old. After all this time, it still looks brand-new.

Michael B.

Prague 2

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